What’s this?

It’s a newsletter, what else? Emphasis on the “letter”.

With “The Rambling of an old developer”, I want to share my small bit of wisdom gained over my 18 years of career. And I want to share it with anyone interested in receiving a somewhat periodic letter from me.

It’s not going to be a long wall of text, it’ll be a condensed version of what I do on Medium or any other blogging platform you might’ve read my work.

When will you get it?

Well, ideally, I’ll be sending a letter once every week, maybe every two weeks if I don’t have anything meaningful to say. I honestly want to provide some value to you, so don’t expect an email saying “hi, how are you today?”.

Who am I?

Yeap, this is me...

Great question! My name is Fernando Doglio, I’m currently living in Spain, but I’ve originated from my mother’s whom in Uruguay.

I’ve been working as a developer since I’m 20 years old, but I taught myself to code back when I was 14 (I really had no life).

I’ve written several books about software development, and I normally write about the same topic on Medium.

You can also find me on Twitter, I’m quite active there, mostly sharing content that I find useful (that includes cat pictures, btw, those are always useful).

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I'm a Dev Advocate, Tech Author, ex Eng. Manager, old Software developer, husband, dad of 2 little monsters and a heck of a geek. I love programming in general and I think anyone can be a developer if they want to, I'm here to help in that regard!